Sunday, April 6, 2014

04d Bus Routes near Trafalgar Square

Where is the stop for my bus?
This post was designed (in 2012), to offer the many destinations available by way of the many buses that stop near Trafalgar Square.

These Bus Routes take you to nearly every corner of London, and for the distant places not directly available, one connection should do the trick.
Bus 3, 2 stops southbound, one stop northbound.
6, 3 stops northbound, 2 stops eastbound.
9, 3 stops westbound, 2 stops eastbound.
11, 3 stops westbound, one stop eastbound
12, 2 stops southbound, one stop northbound.
13, 3 stops westbound, 2 stops eastbound.
15, 2 stops eastbound, 3 stops going Northwest
23, (24 hr.), 2 stops eastbound, 3 stops going Northwest
Bus 24, (24 hr.), one stop going Northeast, 2 stops southbound
Bus 29, starts at C
Bus 53, (24 hr.), starts at P
Bus 87, one stop eastbound, three stops going Southwest,
Bus 88, (24 hr.), one stop northbound, two stops southbound.
Bus 91, starts at X, 2nd stop at F
Bus 139, (24 hr.), 2 stops going SE, 3 stops going NW
Bus 159, one stop westbound, two stops southbound.
Bus 176, (24 hr.), one stop southbound, three stops northbound.
Bus 388, starts at U
Bus 453, (24 hr.), one northbound, two stops going SE

Check your local bus map and see if any of these routes are located near you. If not, check the Journey planner, ( ), for the easiest connection.
extra notes
6, 9, 13, 87, all going to Aldwych
15 and 23 have similar stops thru the core.
11 also has similar stops with 23, east of Traflagar, and all the way to LSS with 15
24 and 29 have similar stops between here and Camden Town.
24, from Pink Floyd to Camden Town,
The Bus Centres around Trafalgar Square are…
Aldwych, from where… Holborn, Mansion House, Bank, from where…
& Waterloo Rd.. from where…
Parliament Square, from where… Victoria Stn,
PC, from where… HPC, and OC, from where… MA
Why are there 10 route stops at ‘T’ and only one at ‘S’
Are there any actual stops at Y and Z ?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

0.8 The South End of the Square

At the very southern end of Trafalgar Square stands an Equestrian Statue of Charles I. This Statue was created during his reign and was ordered destroyed by the Authority that followed his demise and the Civil War. The man commissioned to do this is believed to have confirmed its destruction, and collected some funds for that service. It is believed that, like so many of the time, he was neutral enough to have secured the Contract, but Loyal enough, or appreciative of the craftsmanship, that his "destruction" was simply a burial in the garden of his property. It emerged shortly after the Restoration, and was incorporated into Nash's urban renewel that gave birth to the Square.

As we find ourselves in the middle of the traffic roundabout that is the functional centre of the metropolis, between Whitehall, a busy road to the south, and centre of the Kingdom's Administration, Admiralty Arch and The Mall that extends SW to Buckingham Palace, Cockspur Street and Pall Mall that gives access to the West, Charing Cross Road that leads north, the Strand, (that old road along the north shore of the River Thames) towards the City of London, and Northumberland Avenue, a short and bustling thoroughfare to the river, we see a man on a horse. Here stands the famous statue of Charles I. It stands on the same ground were stood Edward I's Eleanor Cross. There is great history, right here. It is an intersection of roads that predate the roman roads. There was an ancient fishing village near here that gave us the name Charing. It is here that the distance to London is measured, throughout the UK, despite the fact that it is Westminster, not London. The man on the horse appear to cast a long look down Whitehall as if to see his execution taking place on a platform adjacent to the Royal Banqueting House. And here, as seen in this photo, is the great Square dedicated to the most victorious, illustrious and heroic Admiral Horatio Nelson, and his last battle, at which the English destroyed Napoleon's larger navy, and ended the Emperor’s imminent invasion efforts. And it is in this Square where the English gather for great celebrations, and important demonstrations. And finally, in the day to day life of the world's greatest city, this is the heart of the most significant Transport system, bar none. I should add that 7 million tourists come here, each year, to watch and photograph their children, climbing on Landseer's Lions and ducking and dodging hungry pigeons. Priceless!

Friday, September 16, 2011

0.11b a map of the square

I found this map on the website , and also, and
What I like about this map is that it shows, in a general way, the roads into the neighbourhoods that surround the great square. It also offers some very practical information. There are many things missing, such as public washrooms, and the coffee shop that are located on the north side of the main plaza, in the heart of the Square. An important 'Legend' omission is that the little red dots represent bus stops. to get details, check TFL area map pdf;

Friday, April 1, 2011

3.8 Albertville

With the Royal wedding fast approaching, and with some interest generated by the film, 'The King’s Speech', it would be prudent to talk of this community of grand Institutions, located south of the Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall, which I like to call “Albertville”.

I hope you do not think it too cheesy that I have stepped on the tows of, (actually attempting to behead), Albertopolis. I have done this only because I like to save a couple of syllables whenever I can. So yes, I am cheating the clever person who first coined that phrase. Therefore, anything that is Albertville, is actually "Albertopolis".

No matter, it is all in the name of Prince Albert, who was an essential element in the transition from the Industrial Revolution, into the era of Technical innovation. A visionary in the battle against the forces of ignorance.

Cheers, and enjoy the wealth of Human achievement that has been assembled here, for your enrichment.

PS: another decent 'Royal' movie of late is "The Young Victoria",

The Google Art Project

A great new way to get into the gallery from you home computer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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