Monday, May 3, 2010

0.32 Avenues of the Cross Roads

London has grown, spreading in all directions from the City. But for practical purpose, we can say Trafalgar Square has become the logical centre point of transportation in London.

Proof of this can be confirmed by London Transport's current system, with Trafalgar Square as the principal hub for London at night, when the system is simplified for utility and economy.

Check the next two articles of this for details of Trafalgar Square as the centre of the Transport network.

A second supporting point can be seen on the surface plaque installed in the heart of the roundabout that has historically been known as Charing Cross. This plaque declares that distance from London is measured from this point. Also of note for this busy place is the history of the old crossroads. A Cross was installed here many centuries ago by Edward I, as tribute to the funeral procession for his beloved Queen, Eleanor of Castile. A cross was erected at each place where the procession would stop for a night, on its way to Westminster. The Eleanor Cross is long gone (a tribute cross was installed at Charing Cross Railway Station, a short distance east on the Strand), but the magnificent Equestrian Statue of Charles I now stands in that location, now a very busy traffic Island on the south side of Trafalgar Square.

From here we can declare that there are six spokes that reach out to all corners of London.

1 - The Strand, an ancient roadbed following the north bank of the river out of the City, and giving access to the spokes that radiate from Trafalgar Square. (For the purpose of this book, it is the Strand that leads to the City and East London).

2 - Northumberland Avenue, a short but heavily utilized link, from Trafalgar Square to the riverfront, and, (generally speaking), the bridges to the south side of the river.

3 - Whitehall, (with great history), a heavily utilized, short boulevard to the heart of Westminster.

4 - Admiralty Arch and The Mall, a short and well used like to Southwest and parts of West London.

5 - Pall Mall, by way of Cockspur Street, offers access to West London and Northwest London.

6 - Charing Cross Road, by way of St Martin’s Place, offering access to North London, along with St Martin’s Lane.

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